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Past projects

 Exploration · Nature 

Glacier  |  Culture  |  Change and Continuity

Arctic: Greenland

  • Engage with Inuit community whose traditional culture is being influenced by modernity, globalization and climate change.

  • Research change and continuity in the Arctic, where shrinking ice caps, the opening up of shorter shipping routes, and the potential for oil development pose geopolitical challenges for the future.


  • Research the cradle for life of the Southern Ocean, which is teeming with penguins, whales, and seals, and the impact of climate change on such species’ prospects.

  • Explore glacial archives of geologic history in the last wilderness of the earth.

  • Learn about approaches to conserve and protect Antarctic habitats and species for future generations through deep ecological learning and first-hand research experience.

Wildlife  |  Heritage  |  Science
Environmental Change  |  Innovations

Third Pole: Nepal

  • Learn about the impacts of climate change on the Himalayas, home to so many icecaps and glaciers it's also known as the "Third Pole".

  • Examine complex systems underlying the diverse culture and ecology of Nepal, the headwaters of several of the great rivers of Asia.