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Exploration is education

We prepare the next generation of climate leaders to understand and respond to the environmental challenges our world is facing through transformative expeditions to diverse geographies.

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K–12 programs for schools

We offer bilingual, cocurricular programs for primary and secondary schools that engage students of different age ranges on sustainability-themed topics

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  The WildBound team and their partners are education experts and environmental professionals whose programs provide a rigorous knowledge base for students. WildBound focuses on the student experience, but goes one step further. They have the courage and wisdom of removing students from their comfort zones, and through their work express a unique sort of love—a passion for the outer world of the universe and nature, and a compassion for the inner world of emotions and ideas.

—Dao Fangyi, Experiential Learning Programs Coordinator, The Affiliated High School of Peking University’s Dalton Academy
  Caught in the throes of the raging westerlies, my daughter and I quarreled as if to re-enact the tempest between ourselves. We had a heart-to-heart afterward—and so began our Antarctic adventure. Our mother–daughter relationship had become stronger than before. In Antarctica, we learned how to identify different Antarctic birds and animals, and began learning about their individual behaviors. Knowing more about the animals has increased our respect for them. I feel more than ever that the life forms of Earth are equal, and have determined to do all I can to further the causes of ecological harmony and animal conservation.