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About Us


WildBound is an innovative earth-inspired organization that educates the next generation of earth citizens through education, advocacy, and public communication, in order to build a future where human live in harmony with nature. Our innovative expeditions highlighting different ecosystems such as polar regions, oceans, forests and rivers let young adults explore nature and themselves. We believe exploration is a means of education and can achieve long-term conservation. Founded in 2017, WildBound is based in Beijing, China, but our impact and our dreams are inherently and completely global.

Our Team

WildBound founder Songqiao Yao is an explorer and educator committed to solving ecological challenges by reconnecting youth to nature and inspiring them to take action, both in China and globally. She can be found leading expeditions to Antarctica, telling stories over a campfire, or playing with kids in nature.

WildBound consists of a global network of climate leaders, scientists, and artists who collaborate on specific expeditions and projects. To learn more about how to get involved, send a line to info@wildbound.earth